Zight teamed up with Peter Forest for the feel good track “Everybody Keep Running”!
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Zight (Tony Yau) is a Hong Kong and London based songwriter and record producer, and his latest self-release comes in the form of a brilliant deep house pearl.

Zight partnered with Peter Wald for the peppy feel-good track with outstanding piano riffs and vocals that you know by heart in no time at all. Faithful Zightis the mantra to produce feel-good music ",All keep walking“Requires the audience to smile and dance in their entirety.


With typical house basses and stabs alongside perfect vocals, this track is a prime example of how first-class deep house should sound. The transitions between breakdowns and drops are seamless and the entire track has a very smooth, positive atmosphere and constant energy, making it a perfect choice for any club dance floor around the world. Definitely a production not to be missed so stop by now!

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