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Since the Zach Bryan phenomenon began about two years ago when the full-time Navy man turned a few viral videos and then a homemade recording project called DeAnn into a viral songwriting phenomenon, the loudest criticism of this young man has been that he was Tyler Childers is just too similar to be considered unique, or even real, in some people's minds.

It made for worthy and interesting points of discussion at first, but over time the argument has become quite a derivative and is likely unfair to either artist who, to a trained ear, are fundamentally different in style and approach, despite some stylistic similarities.

On Tuesday (7th-27th), Zach Bryan closed one of his own fans who defended him on allegations "too similar to Tyler Childers" and hopefully closed the direct settlements forever.

“Zach Bryan is better than Tyler, some of you deny it. Tyler doesn't do anything better than Zach, ”said the fan on Twitter.

Zach Bryan replied, “Childers is ten times the musician I am and I will never say anything else. I can't say enough that music isn't there to be compared, it's just stories and people trying to sing what their heart is feeling. I'm hardly a musician and my favorite annoyance is the constant comparison of everything. "

When Zach Bryan exploded early Saving Country Music asked him specifically about the criticism and comparisons by Tyler Childers. “I say thank you because that's what my life was about, and this songwriting got me through my toughest stories … It wasn't my plan. Music wasn't on my radar. But the fact that people criticize me makes me happy that people care enough about criticism. That’s neat. I never thought I'd be in a place where enough people would have heard my music to criticize it. I feel blessed for that. "

Zach Bryan also pointed out that most of the songs on his debut album DeAnn were written five years earlier after his mother's death and before hardly anyone knew about Tyler Childers.

Meanwhile, Zach Bryan is preparing to make a rare appearance at the Born & Raised Fest, actually a few on September 17th as part of the pre-party, and then on September 19th that night, Cody Jinks hit the headlines. As for new music, Zach recently said, "Keep your patience guys and try to make this count."

The comparisons are likely to continue, but Zach Bryan continues to take the right attitude and openness to the comparisons and criticism, paying all homage to Tyler Childers while underlining that his music is his own story, which is sung and that of nobody else. Willy-nilly.


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