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"Symphony No. 4" – Rinzen

"Symphony No. 4 ”is a brooding techno homage to Beethoven's classic“ Symphony No. 4 ".

"I was so moved by the starting strings that I decided to make my own version of it," said Rinzen, sharing the inspiration behind the track. He added that it is "the most cinematic track I've ever created," a definitive statement from an artist focused on making cinematic techno.

"Indigo" – Sultan + Shepherd

Lush piano keys and a melancholy lead lead the listener through "Indigo" and conjure up the warmth of a fireplace against a cold winter night. The track's release was eagerly anticipated as Lane 8 featured it in the Fall 2021 edition of its acclaimed seasonal mixtapes. Of course, it sees the light of day on Lane 8's This Never Happened label.

“Bending the light” – being in love

Enamour has been busy this year. After releasing five large EPs and a number of singles, he graduated in 2021 with "Bending the Light". Sliding bass and mystical synthesizers put the organic house track in the spotlight and create a wave-like melodic movement.

"Viaje De La Vida" – mass digital

The title track of the Viaje De La Vida EP by Mass Digital is a deep house gem. An emphatic bassline, wistful keys and angelic surfaces merge into a dreamy soundscape.

"Go" – Anyma

Anyma, the solo project by Tale Of Us ’Matteo Milleri, glides effortlessly between calming dance music and tough techno. "Walking" falls into the latter category. Though it starts modestly with a simple kick drum and atmospheric pads, "Walking" quickly explodes into growling, dance-floor shattering bass.

"Soul System" – Michael Bibi

Tech House thrives on taking cult favorite samples and reviving them with pulsating basslines. Michael Bibi, who tried Adam Freeland's “We Want Your Soul” – from the soundtrack of the classic Need For Speed: Underground 2 – on “Soul System” is a prime example.

"Signs of the Times" – Nora En Pure

“Sign of the Times” begins with a haunting violin, plunges into a distinctive piano melody and finally brings club-compatible grooves for a classic, organic Nora En Pure House experience.

"Alien Talk" – GuzBass

"Alien Talk" is exactly what it sounds like: a conversation between aliens brought to life through glitches, warps and interstellar synths. It's bizarre in the right way.

KÖNI – Tammurriata Nera (Daniel Hokum Remix)

Daniel Hokum's remix of “Tammurriata Nera” winds its way through its almost seven-minute run, far removed from the throbbing dynamics of the original. This allows for a range of tribal elements and deafening bass to take up space and create a richer, mystical listening experience.

"Synchole" – Gardenstate, Hvitling, Yenzen

“Synchole” is pure, relentless techno. While ominous pads and threatening breakdowns in "Synchole" create deeper tension, the power is of course in the kick.


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