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The first trailer for a new documentary about The Microphones and Mount Eerie legend Phil Elverum has been released.

The film, titled There's No End, promises a more intimate glimpse into the life of a deep thinker, a true artist, but most of all a family man.

"I always try to just be myself," Elverum explained in a statement. "Sometimes I make songs and albums out of spilled guts and deep ideas and send them to all the strangers in the world, but mostly I've tried to keep real day-to-day life private. I wanted to share the flesh and hide the skin.

Now I'm surprised to unveil a beautifully filmed portrait version of this family life; the simple routines with my young daughter, the meandering ideas pouring out unformed. Our lived moments are not the art project, but an image of our small world with its everyday light and shadow, the place where we actually live. Coffee and oatmeal on a school morning, more talk of death and jokes and emptiness.”

There's something of Terrence Malick in the There's No End trailer, particularly his seminal work The Tree of Life, both in style and ideas: there are stirring and beautiful shots of nature and family; Elverum reflects on the fragility of life and the rarity of existence in voiceover.

The fascinating cinematography is the work of Mattias Evangelista, who also shared his passion for the project. "For me, music is the highest form of art and my goal is to create a film that makes me feel the same as my favorite albums," he said. "I'm naturally drawn to stories about musicians and Phil is a 'character' that's been in the back of my mind for a while. I was fascinated by him as an artist and also felt connected to him as we are both from the Pacific Northwest.

He continued, "I am eternally grateful to Phil for opening up his life to us and being a great collaborator and teacher. Part of me is still amazed at how this all came together, but at the same time it all makes perfect sense. The way it happened was so natural, the connectivity, the circularity. It feels like it should have been."

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There's no end currently has a release date, but stay tuned for updates.

See the Indie Observer for more information on this topic.

Watch the trailer for There's No End:



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