Watch Steve Aoki and a Neurosurgeon Discuss New Ultrasound Helmet to Treat Brain Disease -
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Steve Aoki has teamed up with a neuroscience expert for a fun talk on focused ultrasound technology.

The Dim Mak boss is known to have his hands in many side businesses outside of electronic dance music, such as NFTs, Pokémon cards, clothing, and more. However, an often overlooked aspect of his story is his philanthropic endeavors through his Aoki Foundation. With a focus on brain functionality, Aoki raises funds for new brain research technologies and research into regenerative medicine. He has also hosted many educational events to raise awareness of brain preservation.

Now, in collaboration with West Virginia University's Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute, Aoki has released a video highlighting a technology that fights symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, tremors and other neurological disorders. Through a conversation with Dr. Ali Rezai, viewers can learn more about a new ultrasound helmet that can be used to treat these conditions and improve patients' quality of life. The video follows a $20,000 donation from Aoki to the institute.

You can watch the full Neon Future Science video below, courtesy of WVU Medicine.




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