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RL Grimes "Halloween X" show was a "quantum anomaly" to be remembered.

At least that's what the renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson called it. The planetary scientist, writer and host of Cosmos joined the surprising celebrity guests – including T-Pain and Guy Fieri – and delivered a particularly ominous introduction on behalf of Grime at yesterday's "Halloween X Live" performance.

"It's your turn to fend off goblins and ghouls as we merge with a cosmic force I've never met before." Tyson warned. “A space-time irregularity that leaves me no choice but to summon another guide, a heavenly being known for its mystical composition of dark frequencies. We don't have a name for him in the scientific community, but you may know him as RL Grime. "

Grime celebrated a decade of horror with its scariest Halloween show yet. His pictures loomed large in the background and brought the fans to the zero point of an interdimensional zombie outbreak that threatens to lay humanity in ruins. His musical selection included his own hits as well as pieces from increasingly prominent Sable Valley producers such as ISOxo and HELLBOUND!

Check out the full 75 minute movie event below.


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