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Karine Polwart & Dave Milligan have unveiled their video for "The Parting Glass", taken from their new album "Still As Your Sleeping" checked here.

We also recently interviewed Karine and Dave explaining the backstory behind the recording of “The Parting Glass,” which came at the request of poet and novelist Margaret Atwood:

Karine Polwart: “Radio 4 got in touch. You had an inquiry about Margaret Atwood. She curated an edition of Radio 4 Today between Christmas and New Years last year and had specifically asked for a new version of The Parting Glass. So Radio 4 got in touch with me to ask if I would like to record a version of it in my house for them?

“'The Parting Glass' was one of her husband's favorite songs, I think it was played at his funeral, and he died shortly before the end of the year. So she wanted a version of this song in the program. It was a complete honor. She is an absolute legend. But I said no, I don't want that because I was really tired of being a home recording engineer and really, really tired of performing on my own, and anyway I just thought Margaret Atwood was better than me in mine Guest room! So I got in touch with them pretty boldly and said that I would be very honored to see a version of & # 39; The Parting Glass & # 39; but would they have the budget to hire Dave Milligan on the piano, for example, and have it? properly recorded in the studio.

“I think at that point the BBC was pretty much dependent on people recording from home. As musicians, and I'm sure Dave will vouch for that too, we become sound engineers and videographers and all sorts of other things besides musicians very quickly. I was also very aware that a whole class of people were being struck off their jobs; Take recording engineers, for example. Anyway, they came back and said yes. So we went into the studio and recorded "The Parting Glass" and I think during that process we both thought you know what? That's nice! I think your exact quote from Dave was: 'Maybe we should do more of this!' "

"Yes, that's how I remember it!" adds Dave. “That was a nice process. It felt like the first real thing, or those two were the first real things we've seen since the & # 39; Apocalypse & # 39; had done so fully fed after a drought. "

Read the full interview here.

command Still like you sleep here: http://smarturl.it/stillasyoursleeping | https://hudsonrecords.co.uk/product/karine-polwart-dave-milligan-still-as-your-sleeping

Karine Polwart: https://www.karinepolwart.com/gigs

Dave Milligan: http://davemilligan.co.uk


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