VINAI teams up with LA Vision to release “Hide Away”!
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Italy's powerhouse duo VINAI is teaming up with the up-and-coming production talents of the half-Italian, half-Brazilian LA Vision. The new joint release entitled "Hide Away" is a tender and emotional club hit that was built from the ground up with contemplative vocals and VINAI's characteristic big room bounce style. As a certifiable secret weapon for DJs all over the world, "Hide Away" is guaranteed to get the fans out of the wood with its synthetic vocal harmonies and thick, rolling baselines – now on Spinnin ’Records.

Hide Away is what happens when these two acts join forces – a rare collaboration that really is more than the sum of its parts. Driven by a stream of pulsating bass chords, the tuned vocals bring a melancholy mood that continues when the chorus breaks out. Cool, layered beats appear as the energetic background music to a bittersweet song, underlined by strong singing-along vocals that are ready to get all hands up in the air.

If you consider them as flavor makers in the pop / dance crossover genre, VINAI and LA Vision deliver a stirring melody in every respect. Whether classic house and eurodance elements in combination with a fresh, contemporary production or the interplay of an experienced act and a new, up-and-coming artist, "Hide Away" has what it takes to be a timeless dance pearl. Better join this party because it's about to start!

“'Hide Away' – it's the real mix of a sloppy EDN song and the Eurodance anthem. It's something pretty unique that we totally love! ”- VINAI

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