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QLD-based rapper Lisi shared the new clip for "Til The Death" and we're excited to share it as our newest video of the week.

Lisi delivers his trademark, a unique sound: a stylish and casual rap that flows effortlessly. The Samoan roots he is so proud of shines through in his music, thanks to both his distinctive accent and the use of words specific to the Polynesian language.

His latest single "Til the Death" is no exception.

"Me and my uso started a long time ago / We were just kids, but we never follow the same path," read some of the lyrics in his new drop. Uso is a Samoan word that is used when a man addresses a man other than his brother, or a woman addresses a woman other than her sister.

“Til The Death” is described as “a fictional story about two young men who grew up in different ways with their lives, but remained connected in their brotherhood. The story touches on knife violence and the tragic consequences that can unfold when young people go this way. "

"Love your Usos, take care of your Usos and never lead them astray," says Lisi about the message behind the track.

Lisi is known for his uncompromising attitude, he speaks freely in his music and is not against dropping graphic descriptions or explicit words. So it's no wonder that the clip for “Til The Death” comes with the following warning “Disclaimer. The following video contains graphic and violent images. This video does not condone violence.

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The video then scans into a touching scene of two young children enjoying family life. The music clip follows the story of their life going in different directions as the boys grow up. One of the boys seems to be taking a darker path and is involved in knife violence.

Regardless of his boyfriend's decisions, the more responsible boyfriend seems to stick around with his mate even after making questionable decisions. The boy who was involved in the violence is eventually shot and the video pans to his friend who is sadly leaning over him.

The creepy visual production was directed by Moonboy, who has worked with Youngn Lipz, Day1, Kerser, HP Boyz and Manu Crooks in the past.

Lisi has postponed her tour dates in Australia to February 2022. More information and tickets are available here.

Watch the music video for "Til The Death" by Lisi:


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