Video of the Week: Charlie Collins, 'Undone'

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Charlie Collins has released her latest single, "Undone," her roughest, most emotional track yet.

It follows the release of "F * ck it" and "Just My Luck" and shows new vulnerabilities. Collins gently dives into and out of different genres while maintaining her authentic self and sounds as fresh as ever in 2021. "I remember writing this song in the dark on my bed with tears streaming down my face streamed, "explained Collins.

“It's about escaping a situation that at the time felt like it was just going in circles and doing more harm than good, but also knowing that if it just stopped there might be a solution and peace could find his way. "

In the music video for "Undone" Collins met director Madeleine Purdy (Flowerkid, Gordi). The dreamy creation was filmed on a cold day in Sydney and shows Collins mainly underwater. "The song is very emotional and we worked together before we knew Charlie was a very emotional artist," Purdy said of the video.

“We made our video with the intention of underlining the rhythm of the ups and downs in the music. Charlie flies through the air and dives underwater with the ups and downs of the song, in a way that enhances, but does not replace, her emotional performance. "

"Undone" is the third single from Collins ’upcoming second album, which is expected sometime next year. It will be the sequel to the acclaimed 2019 Snowpine, which was named Best Independent Country Album at this year's AIR AWARDS and was also nominated for Best Country Album at the ARIA Music Awards.

Their second album will be an honest document of what it takes to bring yourself back after losing almost everything and seeing Collins take on new shapes and sound structures.

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Check out Charlie Collins' Undone:


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