Veteran artist Kramer teases upcoming album with emotive lead single
Kramer 22and The Wind22 1 300x225.jpeg

Bassist, multi-instrumentalist and experienced musician Chandler teases the upcoming album And the Wind Blew It All Away, his first solo LP with completely original material since 1998, with the emotional lead single "The Crying". The atmospheric track, underpinned by reverberant vocals and soft, multi-layered instrumentals, feels like a lullaby before the heartbreaking lyrics catch up with you.

The track is cynical, the poignant text: “You get that if you try; to cry until crying sets you free, ”hits the most sensitive parts of our soul painfully as it laments the desperate moments when all love for you is lost.

The track is tinged with hopelessness and frustration, even if the upbeat sounds are comforting, and offers a glimpse into the album, which was produced and recorded all by himself in his home studio in South Florida and comes alive as a symbol of the turmoil in Kramer's head and his gloomy reflections through sound and song.

The experimentation, which has always formed the basis of his artistic work, is a return of the versatile artist, who with the return of one of his most enduring achievements, the Shimmy disk Label.

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