French 79 Diamond Veins Ver West Remix 696x696.jpg

After its original release five years ago French 79 gets a killer VER: WEST Diamond Veins redesign – available now AFTR: HRS.

Since its release, Diamond has outperformed Veins 21 million streams and has been remixed by some of the biggest heavyweights on the scene. Join now how Child Francescoli, DJ oil, BLOWSOM, Dawad & Mokic and You man, VER: WEST is the next to get to the heart of the original under his code name, VER: WEST.

At the start of the new artist project with the release of 5 Seconds Before Sunrise last year, VER: WEST AKA Tijs Michiel Verwest saw the producer return to his roots in the deep house sound. He recently followed with "Elements of a New Life". His debut at Tomorrowland 2020 digital festival pricked up the ears of the circuit and its early fans before its Spotify continued to brag 300,000 monthly listeners in less than a year later.

Known for a more melodic house style by this nickname, VER: WEST turns Diamond Veins into a club tamper. With oscillating basslines, shimmering snares and driving kicks, this deep house delicacy is far removed from the synth-heavy original and is the perfect accompaniment for clubs that are opening their doors again.

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