Valentino Khan Shares Favorite Photos From Holy Ship Ahead Of Wrecked! Next Weekend
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There's a reason, holy ship! is very much appreciated among the participants, be it on the original ship or on the newly minted Wrecked! Variety in Mexico. Everyone who has booked for the event is already at least someone close – some more than others, of course – but there are always some of the most surprising and unique circumstances on the festival site.

One of the producers / DJs who shows up regularly and creates a wonderful mess is Valentino Khan. We have reached the Holy Ship! that Valentino provides us with some of his favorite photos from all these years, as well as his thoughts on every occasion.

Below you can see impromptu B2Bs with Phantoms & GG Magree or Diplo as well as his WWF event and just some general anger. Check it out below and visit for more information on next week's celebrations!

The back 2 back sets are always very spontaneous at Ship. Here I am playing with a country western DJ who says his name is "Diplo".

The best thing about the few days is hanging out with buds that you don't see too often. I think we all had dinner after this picture.

Last year they had these coconuts filled with rare Dominican liquor and I couldn't stop drinking them. They always seemed to stimulate conversation.

I always try to play a lot of house music during my sets at Ship. Always creates the right mood.

It has become a tradition for me to lead the World Sumo Wrestling Federation. Basically a tournament of people in puffed up suits trying to destroy one another.

When you're playing Holy Ship, half the fun is hopping around and checking out all of your friends' sets.

Sometimes you bond with your homies and your bottles collide into an incredible mix.

And sometimes you stumble upon something accidental. I was walking on the beach and stopping at Phantoms having a cocktail contest and getting into the action.

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