Usher's Classic

Over the past four years, New York City's LUSSO has made a name for itself by storming the club scene with its kinetic sound. This exposure enabled LUSSO to get in touch with its audience as well as other producers for collaborations.

A few months ago Redliners, a friend of LUSSO and a DJ colleague, came up with the idea of ​​using Usher's hit single "Yeah!" from 2004 to be reinterpreted. Almost a decade since the song won the Grammy Award for the best melodic rap performance, it is now anchored as a generation anthem, making it a perfect candidate for a remix.

The duo took choppy Usher's sultry vocals and enriched the arrangement with hi-hats, a rumbling bass line and other classic rhythmic elements of the house genre. LUSSO and Redliners expertly textured the beat with a throbbing kick drum to keep the energy alive throughout.

The result is a simple but hot tech house twist of "Yeah!" Check out the revision below.

"Yeah!" von LUSSO and Redliners remix was a SoundCloud release but it was well received and has garnered thousands of downloads and tens of thousands of games. It also received support from the team behind Diplo's revered radio show "Diplo's Revolution".

"The best part is that [the remix] fell into the hands of the radio team at & # 39; Diplo & # 39; s Revolution & # 39 ;," said LUSSO. "This is my second remix that makes it onto the SXM airwaves, so I'm thrilled."






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