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Usher has officially hit the Super Bowl stage!

The R&B legend is putting on quite the show, with show-stopping dancing, throwback hits, and some seriously stylish threads (which didn’t stay on for long), true to his recent Vegas residency. Already, there have been star-studded duets featuring the likes of Lil Jon, Ludacris, and Alicia Keys.

To celebrate his Super Bowl performance, here are five essential songs from Usher’s extensive catalogue.

“Burn” (2004)

“Burn” is showcases Usher’s voice so well: the track is full of tiny runs and mid-verse flourishes that can only be pulled off by a star on his level.


“Caught Up” (2004)

“We really partied the whole time we were working on it,” said producer Dre, of the Philadelphia production duo Dre & Vidal, about working on Usher’s “Caught Up”. “We had some women, some drinks, some music.” All of that comes alive in the track, with Usher’s endless charisma effortlessly popping off.

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“Confessions Pt. II” (2004)

Clean production that’s never too polished, Usher’s vocals stun on this track. Pure R&B at its finest, there’s a reason that “Confessions Pt. II” has become one of the artist’s signature songs.

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“U Remind Me” (2001)

“U Remind Me” may be a song about grief, but bouncy  production from Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis/Eddie Hustle keeps things ticking along nicely. Usher’s exquisite vocal chops throughout the track also help make this a memorable number, one that brought him his first Grammy in 2002.

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“U Got It Bad” (2001)

Melancholia as performed in true Usher style. “U Got It Bad” for this song even after hearing it just once.

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