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Tom Morello is out here making music producer dreams come true en masse.

The Rage Against the Machine Shredder unleashed a furious wave of music in 2021, including an exploratory multi-genre album, The Atlas Underground Flood, as well as a huge EP alongside legendary electronic producer The Bloody Beetroots.

Morello has now unveiled The Atlas Underground Flood, which shows that his creatively curious appetite is alive and well. The Atlas Underground Flood works with a number of singers, instrumentalists and producers from across the sound spectrum and is arguably even bolder than its predecessor.

In the album's opener, "A Radical in the Family", Morello tests the water with a dark, melodic future bass track and wins the main supplier of its rock-inspired variant, San Holo. Further down the track listing, the album offers fans the unconstrained energy they know and love from the legendary rocker. One such highlight is "The Way", a collaboration with Dr. Fresch.

Cover of the album "The Atlas Underground Flood" by Tom Morello.

Dr. Fresch teased the collaboration as the "greatest of his career" and for good reason as the rock gods blessed the track with the presence of Alex Lifeson (of Rush) and Kirk Hammett of Metallica. The producer's chunky, distorted bass groove serves as an appropriate foundation for a flood of melting, skillful guitar solos on "I Have Seen The Way".

Morello even sees the album on the techno front with "Ride At Dawn" alongside BreakCode. In keeping with its nature, BreakCode lays a framework of snappy techno basslines and fast-cutting 16th-note synths. The track is effectively a cocktail of rave and punk influences as Morello takes the listener down a warped roller coaster.

In total, Morello's The Atlas Underground Flood comprises 12 cross-genre collaborative cuts that have something stylistic to offer a wide range of fans of electronic music and beyond, and we hope it never loses its spirit of discovery.




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