Three intriguing new indie folk tunes – Ear To The Ground Music
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Croix du Nord – "A song for the hills and for you"
-The calming vibe of this track is evident from the start. The comparison that easily comes to mind is Fleet Foxes, but honestly it's not exactly the same as that iconic new folk sound. Croix du Nord has something completely unique, captured in the balance between the atmospheric backing track and the relaxed lead vocals. Even the subtlety of the banjo in the background creates an atmospheric folk energy that combines really well with this style. Definitely worth considering for fans of new folk music.

Hinterstaat – "city lights"
-The string work at the beginning of this track from Hinterstate has a peaceful sweetness. The texts underline what is essentially a confrontation. But the overall style of the track makes the whole story from the perspective of the protagonists a resignation with what could not be, but will always ask what could have been. This is a great reminder that not all breakups are a bad thing. Sometimes it's good to keep going. The musical break from the sad prelude to the “feeling fine” rock part was brilliantly successful. This is folk rock for a contemporary audience that is sure to find a lot of fans among our readership.

Chris Ho – "Everything is endless"
-The horns in the opening of this track will grab the attention of the listener. The transition to a more traditional folk style works well. The horns come back for a couple of interludes and they click really well. Despite the unconventional instrumentation compared to most of the folks we hear, the track does a good job of being unique without being unnecessarily experimental. The orchestral sections have a joy that reminds me of a celebration despite the social criticism visible in the lyrics. This is a fascinating composition with a juxtaposition between the lyrical commentary and the optimistic energy of the instrumentation. Try it!

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Croix du Nord – "A song for the hills and for you" – The calming vibe of this track is evident from the start. The comparison that easily springs to mind is Fleet Foxes, but frankly, it's not exactly the same as this iconic new …

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