This Band Has an Inventive Approach to Producing Techno—With Household Items -
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Musical trends are cyclical. Old becomes new and vice versa, forever.

We've had good experiences making techno music in the digital age, with computers doing the heavy lifting, but now it's time to go back to good old-fashioned instruments and explore how they serve the purpose of producing electronic music.

It might seem counterintuitive, but that's exactly what Klangphonics wanted to find out. The Berlin band produces techno music using a variety of instruments and sounds that would otherwise be considered unconventional for the job, such as ukuleles, cats, pans, buckets and even wine glasses.

Without the visual context, most listeners would probably not assume that Klangphonics' music was made outside of a computer. The group have proven inventive every step of the way, achieving a sound that feels very similar to techno while also achieving a refreshing tone that is unique in itself.

Klangphonics' website explains that the thought process behind the group's approach is straightforward.

"Using a combination of acoustic instruments and electronic elements, they bridge the gap between producer and live band," the website reads. "The result is a very natural, organic sound that still retains the energy of deep house and melodic techno."

While many would be frustrated by such self-imposed limitations, Klangphonics has found an otherwise unoccupied creative lane. The group has uploaded live sessions to their YouTube channel and also released their debut album, Songs to Try, last year.


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