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In 2019 we were introduced to the unique world of The Story Song Scientists – the highly qualified singer-songwriter talents of Findlay Napier and Megan Henwood. In his review of their debut EP, David Pratt noted how well their intelligent songwriting and adorable voices go together, a perfect match. He concludes, "… it is hoped that it wasn't the last time we saw or heard them work together to produce the highest quality music." The good news is, they're back.

Fresh from the laboratory and full of synergies, The Story Song Scientists have put on their white coats again to reveal their latest discoveries.

The laboratory gurus Megan Henwood and Findlay Napier release their second EP on October 29th – the bizarre Quantum Lyrics – she presents on a ten-day UK tour (see below).

Ahead of the EP's release, we have the pleasure of sharing their lyric video for the gentle, flowing ode to the man with the golden arm – a tribute to an Australian whose blood plasma contains a potent antibody that has been used for remarkable treatment (Anti-D) that protected unborn babies.

Says Megan, “The man with the golden arm is James Harrison. After discovering that his blood contained a rare antigen for rhesus disease, a condition in which antibodies in a pregnant woman's blood destroy her baby's blood cells, he decided to donate as much as possible.

“His donations have saved an estimated 2.5 million babies in Australia. This song is an ode to him and his extraordinarily humble altruism. "

Harrison made his last plasma donation in 2018 after donating blood every week for 60 years.

Supported by Arts Council England, Quantum lyrics will be published on October 29th on the Dharma records Label distributed by Proper Music Distribution and available on digital platforms.

The EP will be presented on a UK tour in November, and there will be a special Live To Your Living Room stream on November 11th. Henwood and Napier will also play their own solo sets in support.

Nov 2 OXFORD Holywell music room

November 3rd LONDON Green note

November 4th WINCHESTER The Hyde Tavern

November 5th PENZANCE The acorn

November 6th BELPER Head of the old king

November 7th BATH The Bell Inn

November 9th BIRMINGHAM Kitchen garden café

November 11th LIVE IN YOUR LIVING ROOM Live streaming performance https://livetoyourlivingroom.com/events/the-story-song-scientists/

November 12th GLASGOW The Glad Café November 13th UP HOLLAND (Lancs) Parish Church of St. Thomas the Martyr





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