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Netflix may be a streaming juggernaut, but it seems that even their budget is insufficient to afford the rights to an AC / DC song.

The creator of Cobra Kai has admitted he was & # 39; Thunderstuck & # 39; of AC / DC had in mind for a montage scene on season four of the show. However, the rights would have cost too much.

“We wrote 'Thunderstruck' into the script,” explains Jon Hurwitz. "We've written 'Thunderstruck' into the script several times over the years, and at that moment we could never afford it or make that decision [to spend the money on it]."

The writers decided on another song by an Australian artist and chose "Breakin‘ Outta Hell "by Airbourne.

Apparently AC / DC aren't the only artists whose rights Cobra Kai can't afford either.

"Often we write things in the script, but sometimes we write something in the script that we can't afford," added Hurwitz. "I mean, our fantasy is to have a music budget that allows us to have AC / DC and Bon Jovi and Guns N‘ Roses all the time. "

The most famous song that the show bought, however, was "Girls, Girls, Girls" by Mötley Crüe, which can be seen this season.

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Cobra Kai is a comedy-drama TV series streamed on Netflix, it is a sequel to the original films of The Karate Kid. The fourth season was released on the streaming platform on December 31, 2021 and there are already rumors about what will come in the fifth season.

Co-showrunners Josh Heald and Jon Hurwitz spoke to TV Line about what fans can expect. "Since the All Valley Tournament in high school, where Daniel beat Johnny, he's been feeling a little less than," said Hurwitz.

“He felt like second best or below, and then about 30 years of his life continued to prove it as he struggled with odd jobs, a dysfunctional relationship with his son, and no love in his life. While looking at billboards and listening to commercials with his old high school rival who is a huge hit, he can't help but be jealous or in some ways less than Daniel. "

You can find more information on this topic in the Classic Rock Observer.


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