The Archer Marks Inaugural Year of There Is A Light with Eleven-Track Compilation, TIAL Chapter 1 !
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It's been an incredible debut year for The Archer and his new imprint There Is A Light. Having launched the project back in January with his groundbreaking EP Lonely Dream, the LA-based DJ, producer and label boss has since honed his A&R skills and now has an extensive catalog of high-profile releases from some of the most exciting names on the international market House and techno circuit.

Label boss Arash Homampour (The Archer) was launched as a platform to nurture some of the world's brightest electronic music talent – and as the home for The Archer's own productions – has been welcomed throughout the course of 2021 and over an impressive number of hard-hitting producers, including Drunken Kong, D-Unity, Loco & Jam, Matt Sassari, Ron Costa, Stiv Hey and The Reaktivitz among other things.

The archer

Now that the Los Angeles-based Chef Honcho is keen to round out 2021 in the same emphatic way it started, Homampour is announcing the final musical package of the year of his imprint with a stunning eleven-track compilation entitled TIAL Chapter 1.

In TIAL Chapter 1, Homampour has gathered the best albums from the label's first year catalog into an impressive compilation (see track list below), which will be released together with a continuous 60-minute mix for Soundcloud and an exclusive 25-minute "minimix". for YouTube.

As for the compilation, The Archer commented:

“2021 was There Is A Light's first year. And all in all a great first year. We released 11 solid tracks built on a foundation of solid house and groovy techno. And as they say, the best is yet to come. "- The archer

With a slew of new music to be released over the course of 2022 and beyond, Homampour continues to promise diversity, quality and integrity in everything the label brings out as it aims to transcend language through melody, rhythm and art.

TIAL Chapter 1 is out now on There Is A Light.

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