Teen rocker Sophie Powers captures leaving toxicity behind on
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TorontoSophie Powers captures the empowerment of the feeling of leaving a bad situation on the anthemic rock track "Clearview" with British alto artist NOAHFINNCE. Led by its bold vocals that underscore Finnce's somber performance, the production explores how to leave someone who is toxic in a fierce chase for negative feelings.

From Powers & # 39; From personal experience, the punchy guitars and explosive beats on offer are enhanced by vivid imagery of imagining breaking out of a toxic relationship like a quick chase and successfully escaping a person "no longer in my rear-view mirror". to the best of my ability. With swag and confidence balanced with raw vulnerability, Powers channels passionate pop-touched punk rock sensibility for an upbeat message that encourages us to face the limits of negativity that is holding us back.

Powers made his debut earlier this year with "Loney Army" and quickly garnered millions of streams for it. As an artist, Powers shows promise. At the age of just 17, she opens up the loneliness of contemporary life and at the same time offers us company with her unfiltered and down-to-earth hymns – and “Clearview” is another indication that the only way forward and up for this rising star is.

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