Listen to NERO's Remix of Founding Member Joseph Ray's Collaboration With Lakou Mizik,
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When NERO remixed NERO in 2011 they won a Grammy …

While the iconic trio has been quiet since the bombshell that they were working on their third album a few months ago, founding member Joseph Ray has released music solo. This includes his critically acclaimed collaborative album Leave the Bones with Haiti's Lakou Mizik.

For those of you who don't know the band: Lakou Mizik was formed after the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti in 2010 with the aim of "showing the world that their country is much more than the sum of headlines made around the globe" .

Now Ray's colleagues have joined in and released their own remix of one of the album's singles, the captivating “No Rival!”. While the original includes a long call-to-action that focuses solely on the vocals before introducing a high-speed beat, the original adds some futuristic synthesizers to foster the cyberpunk-esque atmosphere fans know and love .

According to a press release, Ray and Lakou Mizik channeled the spirit of Haiti's signature Rara music. Often played at street festivals across the country, artists and performers use instruments such as horns and drums to create a sound that celebrates Haitian culture.

In addition to the album and the subsequent remix, the artists involved have teamed up with the Artists Institute of Haiti for a fundraising campaign to help young creative people in the country. The institute will help musicians, photographers, dancers, visual artists, and others support their future and promote Haitian art around the world. You can learn more about the cause and support the next generation of Haitian artists through the organization's GoFundMe.

You can check out NERO's remix of "No Rival!" download or stream. Here.






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