Swedish House Mafia & Sting released today ‘Redlight’!
Shm Sting 696x474.jpg

Swedish House Mafia & Sting released today ‘Redlight’, the fourth ‘Paradise Again’ single ! If you begged for SHM all these last years, there you have it, another masterpiece, this time with another legend, Sting!

Quite different than “It Gets Better,” “Lifetime,” or “Moth To A Flame” , i believe that “Redlight” definitively feels like the most “Swedish House Mafia” single of the four, with the trio further refining the darkened, new-age house style they’ve presented thus far, masterfully playing hand-in-hand with Sting’s modernized version of his famed vocals that results in a cross-generational creation that’s going to unequivocally set Coachella on fire in April.

Listen it bellow and let us know what you think:


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