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When Steve Angello first suggested the idea that the Swedish House Mafia reunification work should be a full-length album, band member Sebastian Ingrosso admitted he wanted to jump out the window.

In an insightful interview with NME, the Swedish House Mafia discussed what fans can expect from the new era of the legendary dance music trio. Ingrosso explained that while the trio was previously on a hamster wheel of singles by singles release, the onset of the pandemic only gave them time to invest in their greatest accomplishment to date.

"The Swedish house mafia has never made an album and historically it takes us a long time to make a song," he said. "However, we are very pleased with what has become of it – we can't wait to give it to the world."

Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso from Swedish House Mafia.

Fans know all too well that the magic of the Swedish House Mafia doesn't come in a day, but many would probably be surprised to learn that the trio reportedly made 45 songs in the making of Paradise Again. Of course, many of these tracks will stay on the cutting room floor for a while, but Angello indicated that at least some of them could be released at a later date.

While it seems obvious that the Swedish House Mafia is turning to the dark side with the advent of their new chapter, the trio are now saying it directly. Ingrosso describes the effort as a "combination of Scandinavian melodies with dark production and hard sounds", qualities that fans have recognized in the last singles "It Gets Better", "Lifetime" and "Moth To A Flame".

"We're always looking for that little bass note that will make your knees go weak," said Ingrosso.

Of course, the band's somber new direction is likely to undermine the expectations of some longtime listeners, but overall the group finds satisfaction in their new creative direction, especially given their less-than-ardent thoughts about the state of dance music in general.

"I don't know if the scene has changed and maybe that's the problem," asserted Axwell. "We have changed, however."


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