Sticky Fingers did a Reddit AMA and of course it went off

Sticky Fingers did a Reddit AMA and of course, like these things, it always went.

You know the deal with an AMA by now: a naive music artist goes on Reddit, tells fans to literally ask them anything, and chaos usually ensues.

"We're Sticky Fingers – a band of brothers from Sydney and we look forward to chatting with our friends on Reddit about our new music, our older music and whatever else you want to know," said the Sydney rockers at the launch of your AMA.

A total of 658 comments were left, ranging from simple well-wishers to profound questions for the band.

"Who is a better fighter, Paddy (Cornwall) or Dyl (Dylan Frost)?" Asked a fan and really asked the burning question. "Haha, they both throw pathetic blows," was the band's diplomatic response.

Another Redditor wanted to find out which Sticky Fingers song the band thought was undervalued themselves. Her answer was "Hyper", a track from her 2019 album Yours to Keep.

After a fan asked what the band's future looked like, they gave a detailed answer. "The future of Sticky is that we'll be making music together until we're 6 feet below," they wrote. “We are in the luxurious position of having a little more time so that we can all enjoy the freedom to do some side projects.

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Dizza is working on a solo album, as is Crabs. My paddy made a lot of music with Dante Knows that we are pretty excited about. has also made a few collabos with TRIPLE ONE, gold fang and a few others, has been a good music harvest in recent years. "

In some places it got pretty serious too. When a Redditor passed on a message from her boyfriend saying that the band's music helped him get off fentanyl and heroin, Paddy was empathetic. “Addiction is a real c ** t. struggled with benzo addiction for years and yes it's not something that can be fixed overnight. real marathon shit … and yeah, music has always been a friend. maybe I should take a page from your book and try surfing. "

He addressed this issue in an answer to another question. “Even if you don't think you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, advise everyone to take a break. has really allowed me to reflect on the past decade and improve as a person.

Rehab isn't the funniest place in the world, but it's also kind of nice to be there and take a break from this world. It's so important to examine yourself and your relationship with drugs and alcohol, hey, it can get angry too easily for some. "

The AMA even broke up, with a fan raising the fact that Sticky Fingers had recently been re-rotated on Triple j. “Do you think you guys will play festivals like Splendor and Falls again after you get back into the rotation on Triple j? I'd give my left nut a few bickies while you guys play in the amphitheater, ”he asked eloquently. "We wouldn't like that if the price is right," they replied.

After answering questions for over four hours, they were finally off work. “We're going to eat pizza, does anyone want a pizza? thank you for giving us sticky fam MUCH LOVE xx ”

You can find more information on this topic in the Indie Observer.

Check out Sticky Fingers' Saves The Day:


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