Spotify Is Beta Testing Critical Upgrades to Its Apple Watch App -
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Although the Apple Watch first launched almost five years ago and had little sales in the first year, the industry-leading wearable device has gained popularity in recent years and is set to grow further.

With the release of the latest Apple Series 6 Watch, Spotify has put a lot of effort into supporting and enhancing the features of the device. Although Spotify has had an app on the watch since 2018, it hasn't created a native wearable experience but acts largely as a control for the Spotify app on the iPhone.

So far, Spotify's Apple Watch app has not supported native streaming through the device. However, recently users have reported that they are seeing a blue "Beta" icon in the connected device window of the watch, which allows them to stream directly from the device without the need for an iPhone connection.

The feature appears to be in a limited testing phase at the moment and will hopefully become available to users in greater numbers in the coming weeks.

Spotify picked a good time in history to step up support for wearable devices. For the first half of the decade, a report by Mordor Intelligence is forecasting the total wearables market to grow by almost 20% annually. While 216 million portable units hit shelves in 2019, 614 million are expected to be sold in 2025.

Source: Digital Music News


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