A tape of Britney Spears auditioning for The Notebook is listed on eBay

The man behind the Spice Girls has formed a new band called The Future X, which was founded on TikTok.

Simon Fuller launched a contest where participants auditioned via TikTok video with the hashtag #NextInMusic, which generated over 300 million views.

The final selected group consists of seven members, three singers Angie Green, Luke Brown and Maci Wood and four dancers Jayna Hughes, Sasha Marie, Tray Taylor and Drew Venegas.

"We worked with TikTok for a year to source the best talent on their platform and I'm thrilled with the resulting group.

"The Future X brings together everything that is exciting about contemporary young artists: authenticity, confidence, empowerment and a unique balance between exceptional dancers and iconic singers," said Fuller.

"Simon and his team are always at the forefront of music and culture trends, and we're delighted they've partnered with TikTok to find exciting new talent in this way," added Ole Obermann, Global Head of Music at TikTok .

“TikTok is where new musicians and artists find their voice, share their creativity and inspire others to do the same – so it feels right that The Future X has come together from emerging TikTok talent.

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"We can't wait to see what the band achieves and know our community will love sharing their journey and of course their music through their presence on TikTok."

The seven band members have moved in together in Malibu and are working on music recordings. They have live shows scheduled for March this year.

Eleven. Cosmetics has now started its own TikTok competition to find makeup artists to work with Future X. Applicants can audition by uploading a video on the social media platform with the hashtag #elfitup by February 1st.

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Listen to The Future X's "This Kind Of Love":


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