Si-Blyur released an unique techno gem “Basilisk”!
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Today I'm happy to present you a fresh sound with a unique vibe, produced by Si-Blyur, called "Basilisk", which was released just a few days ago.

With its beautiful progressive synth lines and a mesmerizing atmosphere and groove, the melody here is one of those tracks that tell a story and take the listener on a journey through it. The track offers a lot of variety with different basslines, plucked melodies and synth pads, but at the same time manages to stay coherent and have a powerful, unique atmosphere.

While the transitions between sections are smooth and give the track great flow, the energy is also solid thanks to the great filtering and sweeps used by the producer, and the piece has good groove and drive with the wide variety of percussion as well the beat and bass play side by side to create the groove. Definitely a techno song not to be missed, try it out for yourself now!

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