Sebastian Davidson & Cir:cle - Vacades [ODD WORLD EP]
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Loci Records is proving to be an absolute breeding ground for talent. Their latest release, Sebastian Davidson and Cir: Cle & # 39; s Odd World EP, is a vibrant, varied celebration of the downtempo genre. "Vacades" is the third stunning fixture on the tracklist.

The intro begins with a gentle piano and an exciting pad and swells and develops further, accentuated by unusual sound effects and textures. The drums roll in quickly, unexpectedly, but welcome on arrival and optimistic in their energy. Both relaxed and uplifting at the same time, the atmosphere seems perfect for an early morning drive or nighttime commute.

This dichotomy also affects the instrumentation. The rich, organic drums are hit by electronic sound effects and background leads that sound straight from another world.

The whole publication is well worth a visit; Each track is clearly its own. My personal favorite is the title (and lead) track "Odd World", but each melody has its own floor. Listen:

Loci Records Sebastian Davidson & Cir: Cle – Vacades

Sebastian Davidson & Cir: cle – Vacades – Loci Records 03:59


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