Santé & Re.You Drop Second Album Single ‘Cave’ ft. Jim Hickey !
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All in all, these have been pretty productive months for Santé, Re.You and their up-and-coming young brand LSF21 +. After opening the label in October with the fascinating two-part EP Road to Nowhere, the numerous German brothers quickly followed with LSF002 and committed Ae: ther, Musumeci and Avidus to deliver three fascinating interpretations of the already flawless original.

Now that Santé & Re.You want to continue their successful streak from 2021 and emphatically close the year, the fraternal two-man outfit announces the exquisite new single Cave (feat. Jim Hickey).

Santé & Re.You

The latest studio offering from Santé & Re.You is now the second original single from their upcoming studio album (out early next year) as incoming producers deliver yet another vibrant masterclass in dynamic, avant-garde house music.

In collaboration with singer Jim Hickey (Love in Rewind, Faces, Railings EP and more), who was born in Malta and lives in Berlin, Santé & Re.You announce their intentions and deliver a dark, refined mixture of Jim's haunting vocal layers, intermittent synthesizer- Stabs and complicated polyrhythms – everything united under a blanket of deep subbass and subtle four-four beats. Climaxing with an onslaught of frenetic snares and dazzling arpeggio synthesizers, this is Santé & Re.You at their best.

Santé & Re.You – Cave (feat. Jim Hickey) is now available through LSF21 +

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