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Sam Fender said that he and Elton John "definitely will work together at some point".

"It sounds awful to say, 'I've been too busy to work with Elton,' but I had to get my album done," he said.

“Me and Elton will definitely happen at some point. We just have to find time to get to the studio.

“We want to do something special together. I would be happy if we could do something reduced that sounds organic with a band. "

Fender and John teamed up for a performance of "Will We Talk?" In February 2020 at John's post-Oscar charity party from England. The artist released his second album this year, entitled Seventeen Going Under

In November, Fender announced to Daily Star’s “Wired” that John had asked him to appear on his album “The Lockdown Sessions,” but Fender declined. He told the publication that he was too busy working on Seventeen Going Under and didn't want to "rush anything".

"Elton is actually a friend now, so I hung out with him and learned some of his tricks," Fender told the publication.

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"He is a legend. We wanted to do something for his 'Lockdown Sessions' album, but I had to focus on what I was finishing. "

"We didn't want to rush it or screw it up, so I hope we can come back to this later or hand it in later," added the artist.

It appears that the friendship is reciprocated, with John describing Fender as "a very close friend". In an interview with NME he said: "You put your arm around people like that and say, listen: 'This is your time," "he said. "You can feel that now is the time."

More information on this topic can be found in the Pop Observer.

Watch "Seventeen Going Under" by Sam Fender:

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