Here Are the Best Spotify Wrapped Memes of 2022 -
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It’s Spotify Wrapped season, that wonderful time of the year when a multi-billion dollar corporation tricks its users into running a global marketing campaign for free. 

With quirky graphics, completely made-up genres and plenty of opportunities to publically shame your friends, it’s tough to refrain from sharing your top songs and artists of the year and flexing your greatness—or cringiness.

In honor of this brazen display of data harvesting, we’ve compiled the best Spotify Wrapped memes of 2022.

Obliterating your parents’ computer for a YouTube rip of a song was so worth it

Let’s get this out of the way right now: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with listening to 225 hours of Skrillex in a year

Can’t tell if we’re supposed to laugh or cry?

Okay, fine. Here’s something wholesome

This feels personal

Let’s be honest— we all had this one on our lists this year

Wake up babe, Web3 Wrapped just dropped

Not technically a meme but definitely worth the read

Presented without comment

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The joys of being a parent and producer

You can get your own Spotify Wrapped by updating your Spotify app and clicking on the “Wrapped” icon on your Home Screen.


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