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It seems Rezz was all but able to relax this year.

The Canadian electronic music superstar recently appeared as a guest on KITTENS’ podcast, “She/Her/They,” to open up about the adversity that came with a grueling touring schedule, among other topics. She’s typically not one to appear on podcasts or do video interviews, let alone speak so intimately about her own personal mental and physical health, touring and finding healthy love.

Rezz begins talking about her struggle with her mental health right before the “Spiral” tour, the biggest and most expensive headlining tour of her career. She said she really struggled with the tour and was reluctant to do it because the music was two years old and didn’t represent her as an artist at the time.

Her reluctance, she added, spiraled into a bad case of insomnia, and she nearly canceled the tour “probably 50 times.” She explained that she constantly worked with her team to figure how to manage the tour and balance her mental health.

Rezz performs at EDC Las Vegas.

She says she then started taking melatonin and Ambien, a potent sleep aid used to treat insomnia in adults. The medication is known for having a number of intense side effects and can cause “rebound insomnia” if you stop taking it, which is what Rezz did because it was making her depressed.

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And that’s when the rebound insomnia kicked into high gear. She says it caused her to not sleep for about six days, and she ended up in the hospital.

“I’ve always been very optimistic and excited and stoked on life,” Rezz told KITTENS. “This is weird. Something has to be bringing me down. It has to be this medication.”

Watch to Rezz’s full interview on the “She/Her/They” podcast below.

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