'Reservation Dogs' is Latest TV Series to Feature Killer Soundtrack
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Again, it is a television series that seeks to deliver what mainstream country radio and other conventional music media often fail to deliver, namely music by independent artists, that resonates with audiences, although it is often overshadowed and under-supported .

This time around, it's the sitcom series Reservation Dogs, available upon request from FX for Hulu, that inspires viewers to hear some of their favorite artists on one of their favorite shows while confronting other artists with artists they've never heard of before through the series soundtrack.

Currently with a 100 percent rating for Rotten Tomatoes, the widespread acclaim and enthusiasm that Reservation Dogs enjoys helps put the music on the beloved series in the spotlight.

Reservation Dogs premiered on August 9th and was created by the Seminole Nation filmmaker Sterlin Harjo with New Zealander Taika Waititi. It follows four somewhat incongruous indigenous teenagers in rural Oklahoma who form a pseudo gang that spends their days committing and fighting crimes with the ultimate goal of raising enough money to get to California.

Despite the explicit dialogue and often shady subjects, Reservation Dogs says a lot between the lines, while its focus on indigenous culture in the comedic context makes it groundbreaking on its own, as well as putting Indigenous people both in front of and behind the camera, and portrays it Living in the reserve in an authentic but humorous way. The show is hilarious due to excellent writing and performances too.

The music on Reservation Dogs is not 100% country and roots like on the Paramount series Yellowstone, which also helps bring certain independent artists and their songs to a wider audience. True to the philosophy behind the series, however, the soundtrack features many indigenous artists from across the musical spectrum, including traditional indigenous music to cutting edge hip-hop.

But when you consider how geography plays such an important role in the series, and Oklahoma is such a testing ground for folk and red dirt singers and songwriters, it seems fitting that Oklahoma's best should be featured on the series too.

The music supervisor for the series is Tiffany Anders. When asked by Saving Country Music how important it is to represent Oklahoma artists, Tiffany Anders said, “Very important. I would say that perhaps the most important musical aspect of the show was to represent Oklahoma artists, Native American or otherwise, and spanning all possible time periods and genres. "

The first season soundtrack features folk and American singer / songwriter Samantha Crain, who is Choctaw and originally from Shawnee, Oklahoma. When you talk about Oklahoma, of course, you immediately think of the Turnpike Troubadours, who also appear in the soundtrack. The "turnpike" in the group's name comes from the notoriously bumpy roads that the Oklahoma natives cross.

Oklahomans Jacob Tovar and J.D. McPherson can also be seen in the first season soundtrack. And so are other cool names from the country and roots world like Sturgill Simpson as well as legends like Jimmie Rodgers, Dave Dudley, Lee Hazlewood, The Allman Brothers Band and the Sir Douglas Quintet with Doug Sahm and Augie Myers. The whole soundtrack is killer (see below).

“No matter what show I'm working on, it's always a great feeling to play to recognized music,” says Tiffany Anders. “I think that was important for both Sterlin (Harjo) and me. For him, I knew that he really wanted to represent Oklahoma artists, but he also directed the music to have a & # 39; DIY & # 39; quality, which I found for myself that is, anything sounds like an artist is going his own way, doing his own thing – it's definitely something I was happy to find. "

The original music and score for the series were composed by indigenous musician Mato Wayuhi, who also has a song on the soundtrack.

Reservation Dogs was recently extended for a second season.


Episode 1 – "F * ckin’ Rez Dogs "

1. "I want to be your dog" – The Stooges
2. "Ace of Spades" – Link Wray
3. "I Love You So" – Keith King, Cal Goldens Arkansas Mountain Boys
4. "Protect Your Neck" – Wu-Tang Clan
5. "Class Historian" – Broncho
6. "Pop Pop" – Lil Mike, Funnybone
7. "Waterfalls" – Sarah Podemski
8. "Moonlight Sonata" – APM Music
9. "She's about a moving company" – Sir Douglas Quintet
10. “Stone cold lover” – Mato
11. "Deeper" – Labrys
12. "Joey" – Samantha Crain
13. "Pow Wow Stadium (feat. Black Bear)" – The Halluci Nation
14. "R.E.D." – Yasiin Bey, Narcy, Black Bear, The Halluci Nation

Episode 2 – "NDN Clinic"

1. “Stone cold lover” – Mato
2. "The Shadow Knows" – Link Wray
3. "Getting into my car" – Broncho
4. “Days of My Youth” – Micah P. Hinson
5. "ReZdReamZ" – Sten Joddi
6. “If it's a Monday morning” – Lee Hazlewood

Episode 3 – "Uncle Brownie"

1. "Out of sight, out of mind" – Sherwin Linton and The Fender Benders
2. "Devils in Heaven Bound Machines" – Dave Dudley
3. "Marihuanauts theme" – sleep
4. "Lucky Penny" – JD McPherson
5. "Galaxy (I am the ruler)" – Bill Campbell, Aaron Harry
6. "Funhouse" – pretty
7. "Flight of the Eagle" – Om

Episode 4 – "What about your father"

1. "Greasy Frybread" – Sten Joddi
2. "Easton & Main" – Turnpike Troubadours
3. "Our secret" – Beat Happening
4. "Greasy Frybread" – Emily Green

Episode 5 – "Come and get your love"

1. "Midnight Rider" – Allman Brothers Band
2. "Drivin 'on E" – Mickey Ratt
3. "Keepin 'It Gangsta" – Lil Mike, Funnybone, Young Dami, Demand
4. "Come and get your love" – ​​Redbone

Episode 6 – "Hunt"

1. "Papa and Home" – Jimmie Rodgers
2. "I don't care" – Sturgill Simpson

Episode 7 – "California Dreamin & # 39;"

1. "Tom Cat" by Jim Sullivan
2. "Three good reasons" – Jacob Tovar & The Saddle Tramps
3. "Cleveland Summer Nights" – Jacob Tovar & The Saddle Tramps
4. "Sky-Man and the Moon" – David Campbell

Episode 8 – “Saturday"

1. "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights" – Freddy Fender
2. “Poor moon” – canned heat
3. "Your thunder and lightning" – Lee Hazlewood
4. "What" – broncho
5. "Hey, Hey, Hey, Brother" – John Angaiak
6. "Point of No Return" – Jim Ford


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