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Faith No More have canceled their tour of Australia and New Zealand in 2022 along with scheduled European dates.

The tour was scheduled to start next February after being repeatedly postponed due to the ongoing pandemic.

"Due to our current challenges, we will unfortunately not be ready to perform for the upcoming Australia, New Zealand and European tours," the band revealed in a statement.

“Playing with less than 100% after such a long time is not an option for us. We apologize to all ticket holders and are forever grateful to our fans for your support and understanding. "

The news comes after the band canceled their supposedly first US tour in five years for "psychological reasons".

Back in September they revealed that a continuation of the tour would have had a "deeply destructive" effect on frontman Mike Patton.

"We believe that pushing these dates forward would have had a profoundly destructive effect on Mike, whose worth to us as a brother means more to us than his job as a singer," Faith No More wrote in a statement.

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“He can count on our 100 percent support to do what he needs to do to get things right. We are also asking for your support now. "

In a separate statement, Patton said: “I have problems that have been exacerbated by the pandemic and are currently challenging me. I feel like I can't give what I should right now and I'm not going to give less than 100 percent. I'm sorry for our fans and I hope to make it up to you soon. "

Faith No More Australia tour dates ticket holders will receive an automatic refund to their credit card.

You can find more information on this topic in the Classic Rock Observer.

Check out "Epic" by Faith No More:


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