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A new NFT project trying to break into the $ 10 billion raving market is here – and it's as colorful and imaginative as you'd expect.

For those still trying to dig into the possibilities of the metaverse, prepare yourself because soon there will be the world's first bunny verse to discover thanks to a crazy NFT concept called Rave Bunnies.

The Bunnyverse combines a virtual music festival experience with play-to-earn gaming, an emerging genre of blockchain-based gaming that gives gamers the opportunity to make money by simply participating.

Don't be fooled by the first appearances of these fluffy forest dwellers. According to a press release, players must work to arm their Avatar Bunnies to the teeth to take on opposing clans and protect their way of life.

Despite the wartime premise, these big-eyed creatures appreciate the simple joys of swarming and the occasional consumption of an "illegal carrot." To this end, the team has included a virtual music festival in its project roadmap, which is planned for a date to be determined in the first half of 2022. According to the project's whitepaper, the headlining DJ will be based on a community referendum.

Interested collectors currently have the opportunity to jump on the rave bunny train via the public mint. A total of 5,000 NFTs are produced. Part of the proceeds from the sale of Rave Bunnies will be used for animal rescue projects.

Find out more about rave bunnies here.


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