Randy Travis & Wife Mary Address His Aphasia
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Over the past few weeks, many Randy Travis fans have celebrated the 35th anniversary of the release of his debut album Storms of Life by shooting the latest remastered edition of the album, which also includes three previously unreleased tracks. Randy Travis experienced aphasia After a stroke in 2013, many people wondered if there were unheard Randy Travis songs in a vault somewhere. Getting a studio version of the song "Ain't No Use" and the new songs "Carryin 'Fire" and "The Wall" were a welcome treat for Travis fans.

These three songs were recorded simultaneously with the original Storms of Life album and were omitted from the original release. This is pretty common when recording albums – cutting a few extra tracks each time and then taking what you think is the best choice. So the next question would be, are there any more unheard Randy Travis songs lurking out there? Well, according to a recent report, the answer is "definitely".

In late September, Randy Travis traveled to his hometown of Marshsville, North Carolina to view a Randy Travis mural completed months earlier by Scott Nurkin of the Mural Shop and to perform at the Randy Travis Music Festival. Marshville once made headlines by removing the sign proclaiming the town as the home of Randy Travis. They replaced it with a newer, permanent shield in 2017.

Randy Travis also visited his childhood home while in town, and he and his wife, Mary, were interviewed by local CBS subsidiary WBTV. In an interview with reporter Brian Stephenson, Mary spoke about how doctors wanted to pull the plug on Randy at one point when his health problems were worst in 2013 because they believed the country star could not be resuscitated. But when Randy squeezed Mary's hand, that was all she needed to keep fighting for Randy.

At the very end of the WBTV feature about Randy, one of the hosts said, "Brian (the reporter) asked if there might be more songs in the future and they said there are DEFINITELY more songs they are working on."

Here you go. Randy Travis has released 22 studio albums over the course of his career, so it stands to reason that additional studio tracks are lurking out there somewhere. Whether they are released on re-editions of the original albums or compiled into a new album, we just have to see. But either way it seems we haven't heard the last of Randy Travis' unheard songs.


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