Ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted is 'not joining Megadeth'
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Rammstein rocker Richard Kruspe commented on the current state of the rock scene and said: "The rebellion in rock music is somehow over".

In a recent interview with Summa Inferno to discuss his new album from his Emigrate project, Kruspe reflected on what rock music used to be for fans and said that this is very different in today's climate.

“The rock thing used to have a mission, or all types of music have a specific mission,” he began.

“Rock music used to be music that we used to rebel against our parents. I remember when I was little I turned up rock music and my parents came in and said, "Can you put it down?" These days, when my kids play rock music, I come in and say, "Can you?" is it louder? ”So the rebellion in rock music is somehow over.

"That's why I think that the rebellion is more in the lyrics these days," continued Kruspe.

“That's why I find hip-hop so popular – because the young generation has to rebel. But that too will (be) be over, and the next generation (will go on) to something else. I don't know if rock music is coming back, but right now it's obviously changed and it's not a high priority in the music business.

Kruspe continued: “(looks like Rammstein and Metallica) all like dinosaurs. I mean, of course, but think about it – all those dinosaur bands, they're old, ”he said. “We are (in) comparison old people.

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“The younger generation may also listen to rock, but they are also interested in other types of music. And the other problem is that these big bands can't keep up.

“I always talk about these stadium bands. It's almost over. What's the last stadium band you knew? Maybe Muse was the last. I'm talking about huge stadium bands that can play in a stadium. They are becoming less and less and will certainly become extinct. "

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Take a look at "Du Hast" from Rammstein:


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