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"Canoe" is the warming, atmospheric opener of the No Hard Feelings EP, the latest from the Chicago / Atlanta trio Pure intruders. The project released three singles in 2020 that were praised for a mix of bossa nova, disco, jazz and contemporary pop. This EP promotes her songwriting while presenting a more intimate approach with acoustics, piano and vocals in the foreground. "Canoe" is pleasantly representative, the singing shows an haunting, chilled quality in the midst of lush acoustics. The last minute in particular shows a consuming range of voices between gentle retrospect and growing enthusiasm.

"While the singles are a valid representation of how we write and explore genres in general, the EP allowed us to focus on a specific direction and give us a feeling to orient ourselves by," says keyboardist Brandon Suarez. “The EP is essentially the basis of our nickname; to politely penetrate genres and artists that we love and still create something that belongs only to us. "

“We wanted to write and publish something that fits the time; Songs that celebrate the persistence of overcoming a difficult year, ”added singer Madeline Julia Smith.

Stream this excellent EP in full length below:

“Canoe” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on Obscure Sound's updated Spotify “Best of May 2021” playlist.

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