Pure house vibes from Chris Padin newest release with Georgia Rose !
Losing My Mind Coverart 4k 696x696.jpg

We are excited to bring you today Chris Padin and his newest house release “Losing My Mind” with the amazing vocals by Georgia Rosa.

Featuring beautiful catchy vocals and a summery uplifting house vibe all over the track, “Losing My Mind” is a perfect mixture of styles and influences, making the track perfect for dance floors, lounges and radio play alike. The track debuts with a long verse and a solid bass line, setting up the atmosphere of the tune before going into a more lively section with pluck chords, strings and an addictive groove !

The drops are powerful and groovy, with solid vocal lines, pure house oriented ,creating a perfect vibe for dancing. The transitions are well executed and the whole track feels cohesive overall. Definitely a highlight of house tunes lately, so go check it out for yourself before, or even better, check out the official YouTube video, also posted above!


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