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The lush, gripping folk track “Theodore” by enfant terrible, a band from Devon, UK. "Theodore" is airy and delightful and initially rides on delicate acoustics and soft keys, together with an ethereal vocal magic that leads well into the hook "Theodore, you turn me around". The reflective vowel effect after a minute plays with an atmospheric, mysterious pleasure, while brass-like elegance lingers. According to the band, "the track explores issues such as confused childhood love and toxic masculinity". Shades of Elliott Smith and John Vanderslice are evident. “Theodore” is an excellent folk track suitable for retrospective autumnal listening.

Enfant Terrible will also release an EP on October 2nd, L’air du Temps.

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"Theodore" and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on Obscure Sound's updated Spotify "Best of September 2020" playlist.

The track is also included in the genre-based best-of-Spotify compilation Emerging Indie Folk.

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