Plunge Into an Alternate Reality With Alan Walker On the
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The “WalkerVerse” is teeming with life. Alan Walker journeyed to all corners of the globe, unlocking portals to his futuristic playground.

Walker plugged in coordinates for Vancouver, B.C. and beamed his way to the Harbour Event and Convention Centre for an extended visit. A quick sell-out for his November 25th tour date necessitated an additional show on the 24th, which also sold out.

The anticipation was palpable in the lead-up to Walker’s set. Chatter filled the dead air between sets. A packed house scanned left and right for signs of the headliner. A hush fell over the crowd as crackling and whirling teased an imminent departure to the “WalkerVerse.” Pockets of cheering broke out as the audience was confronted by a large, red cybernetic eye interacting with augmented reality—a final boarding call at Walker’s gate.

The tension built by Walker’s cinematic introduction was alleviated by the cathartic drop of “Alone.” The Vancouver crowd defied the song’s title, belting “I know I’m not alone” with a togetherness that tethered the audience and musician together on an almost spiritual level.

Walker’s greatest hits lean heavily into emotive melodies and touching choruses. The Norwegian DJ’s live show is more than a scenic stroll. Certainly, mainstays like “Faded” and “Darkside” encouraged neighbors to embrace, but in between those familiar moments were pulsing tracks that had concertgoers bouncing up and down. There was no shortage of crowd-pleasing bops, including “Sweet Dreams,” “Somebody Like You,” “Drums” and “Hello World.”

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A delightful but important touch to the concert experience was the participation of singer Au/Ra, who delivered flawless vocal renditions of songs including “Darkside.” Her intoxicating voice added gravitas and elevated the show.

The music spilled out into the streets after Walker’s performance. Attendees once again belted out “I know I’m not alone” as they exited the venue. The borders between the “WalkerVerse” and the city blurred together.

Walker traversed the planet in support of his 2022 album, WalkerVerse Pt. 1 & II. His globetrotting included stops in Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the U.S. The “WalkerVerse” tour wrapped in early December but keep your eyes peeled for Walker’s concert and festival dates next year.




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