Play a New Post-Apocalyptic Puzzle Game Inspired by Modular Synthesizers -
The Synth State.png

Imagine a post-apocalyptic world where agriculture is scarce and the only way to save it is through a modular synthesizer revolution. This is the world of The Signal State, a complex new puzzle game from Reckoner Industries.

Inside every puzzle there are machines in need of repair, and each machine is very similar to a modular synthesizer component typically used in electronic music production. Samplers, signal delays, outputs and more are waiting to be programmed cohesively as the user tries to solve the challenges by pulling and dropping cables to each individual module.

Leaderboards and achievements will encourage competition between players as they attempt to solve the in-game apocalyptic agricultural crisis by repairing synthetic-like machines that aid in food production. Across the board, The Signal State will also introduce a sandbox-style game mode for freeform programming and a feature that lets players create their own synthesizer-inspired puzzles.

The signal state has already received many positive reviews from users who praise its educational qualities and difficult logic-based puzzles.

The signal state is available now for $ 19.99 on Steam.


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