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Karen Eck, an Australian entertainment writer, has officially launched a petition to replace Australian music to replace the annoying music on hold on the phone.

The idea originally came to Eck after being put on hold with Qantas for a total of 7 hours and 19 minutes and listening to the same 15-second repetition in a loop.

Through this petition, which Eck describes as a "creative philanthropic solution," she hopes it will benefit everyone, including the Australian music industry, and also save those that are put on hold from being lost.

The petition says, "Like many artists, the Australian music industry was on its knees during the pandemic."

“A smart solution for Australian companies is to provide local musicians with a platform where they can present their original songs to customers who are waiting on the phone for an operator to answer. ”

"Right now, many companies are using royalty-free music in a repeating loop to get customers to hang up or get a persistent catchy tune!"

“If you have to wait hours to speak to a company representative, wouldn't you prefer to be entertained while helping Australian musicians make it tough? If so, please sign this petition to support #HoldAussieMusic. "

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Eck also asks APRA AMCOS, which is responsible for the licensing of Australian music, to support the initiative as well as artists who are compensated for playing their music through license fees.

Jack River also hit Channel 7 – the official Australian broadcaster for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics – for not endorsing the music of Australian artists while programming.

River wrote on Channel 7, “How great would it be if you played all of Australian music in your coverage of the Olympics? These are Australian moments, they deserve Australian music. "

So far, River has had a response from television journalist Edwina Bartholomew who replied, "Hey Jack River and other Australian musos, we hear you."

You can find more information on this topic in the Industry Observer.

Hear "Sugar" by Australian music legends Jack River and Peking Duk:

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