Paul Van Dyk And Kolonie Just Released
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After months of isolation and just using the digital world to connect with family, friends and fans, PvD is finally back with brand new music. More lively and direct than ever, but covered with new, beautiful sound waves.

Together with the progressive house talent Kolonie, Paul van Dyk created "Wishful Thinking". A song so intense and moving that it rises like a breath of fresh air from a deep dive in the sea. The intensity of PvD's iconic audio architecture blueprint, coupled with the groovy progressiveness of Kolonie, create a piece of music that hits your favorite spot time and time again.

Paul van Dyk

"Wishful Thinking" secretly premiered at the Transmission Festival Prague and EDC Las Vegas and was one of those ids everyone raved about. The single is served in three ways. The original pairs an angelic, incredibly catchy melody with cool progressive vibes, so crisp and clean that you can almost hear the first snowflakes falling from the sky. The PvD Club Mix meanwhile doesn't take any prisoners – a trance fan favor from start to finish. The full energy, drive and emotion that you expect from something in the PvD kitchen. This mix will kill it on the dance floors of Paul's current US tour (more info below).

The third mix is ​​a look into the future – a pure NFT version. Yes, you heard that right: an EXCLUSIVE NFT MIX. Keep your eyes and ears sharp for more information that is coming soon. Dear Sir or Madam, We are pleased to present you the "wishful thinking" of Paul van Dyk & Kolonie. Play it out loud for the best effect!

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