Papa Khan Makes Oceanic Monstercat Debut With Must-Listen Song,
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A year after Papa Khan cracked the internet with his breakthrough single "Rain", the young bass music producer is back with another masterpiece.

Released today on Monstercat is the latest song by one of the most exciting bass artists called "The Tide". Khan, who was named to the class of 2021 earlier this year, has once again used his self-taught skills in music production and released another classic that is sure to wash into DJ sets in the years to come.

"The Tide" begins with gentle drops of water and cavernous vocals that create a spacey atmosphere in which Khan's completely unique sound design shines. What follows is a dizzying collection of syncopated synthesizers and basses that take Khan's listener into an underwater utopia.

The release of "The Tide" is not only a milestone in Papa Khan's budding career in electronic music, but also a poignant personal triumph.

"With the release of 'The Tide' today, I wonder what my dad would think of me signing with Monstercat," Papa Khan said in a press release. "One of the biggest electronics labels in the world and one of my dream labels. I told him at the beginning of the Papa Khan project that I could do it, and this is where I make my Monstercat debut. I miss him and I hope you enjoy this single so much very much as I know he would have. "

Here you can download and stream "The Tide".




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