Papa Khan Drops Pop-Punk-Inspired Valentine's Day Anthem,

Papa Khan dismissed the cheesy love songs this Valentine’s Day and released a heavyhearted single for those who aren’t feeling the love this year.

Released today was the latest single from the color bass virtuoso, “Never Cared.” In one of his most emotive releases to date, Khan combines his distinct sound design with pop-punk-inspired vocals to create a unique amalgam that hits you right in the feels.

“For those who have been betrayed and hurt, this one is for you,” Khan said in a press release. 

Check out “Never Cared” below.

Finding beautiful colors in what would feel like an otherwise grey emotional state, Khan has delivered another futuristic melodic bass drop between the celestial intermissions and gritty vocals. While melancholic, the song serves as a reminder to those feeling down that you’re not alone even if it may feel like it sometimes. 

“Never Cared” is Khan’s second track on Monstercat following the November 2021 release of his oceanic single, “Tide.” Fans in the U.S. who want to catch his latest tracks and instant classics live can catch him on the road from March until June during his debut stateside tour with Marauda and OG Nixin.

You can download or stream “Never Cared” here.




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