K-pop star CL says she set up her own label to 'protect her creativity'
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In a new interview on Alpha, K-pop star CL spoke about how she started her own record label to make the music she always wanted.

For those who have been following CL since their 2NE1 days, it's no secret that the road to their album Alpha has been a long and arduous one. Disputes between her agency and the international management had put an enormous strain on her budding solo career, which intensified when she left her agency YG Entertainment shortly after the break-up of 2NE1.

So for CL, Alpha is not just a cathartic release, but also one of the projects she's re-introducing to the world. In just a few years since starting her own business, she has been actively involved in reforming her music and identity – one of them through her own label, Very Cherry Records.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone India, CL spoke about starting Very Cherry. She was driven by her desire to make the music she always wanted: "I made Very Cherry to protect my creativity."

“As at the moment, it's Very Cherry Records. Because even if I work with a label or with different companies in the future to create other things outside of music, I still want a home base and my people, with whom I always create. I want to be creative, I want to stay and I want to protect that. ”She said.

The star also admitted that the making of Very Cherry was rooted in her K-pop roots as well.

“I feel like I've been in the system for so long that I haven't really got to know all the people I work with or understand the process. Behind it was always a question like: 'How does it work?' I have the feeling that when I don't know the truth and the process, I was always curious. So these are the pages I learned more about by making Very Cherry. "

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Elsewhere in the interview, the star also discussed a version of her song "Let It," which featured two of her former colleagues, Park Bom and Sandara Park, and which, in their opinion, was a fitting description of "what we all went on" through & # 39 ;.

“From the same label and system to this day, some of them are their own CEOs and some of them are in a new company and we are starting our new chapter. I wanted the girls to hear that too, and I have a feeling we can connect very well with this song. "

And although she didn't speak openly about an upcoming 2NE1 reunion – in which the members have actively expressed interest – she wanted to end the song with her former Minzy, who was the only one not featured on "Let It".

“By the way, I would like to end this with the girls if I can. I hope Minzy comes through and then we can finish this. ”She said.

You can read more on this topic at the Asia Pop Observer.

Check out CL's Let It:


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