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Oh ODESZA, why are you doing this to us?

The storied electronic music tandem have spent this week tormenting fans with arcane posts and leaks, leading many to believe they may soon ditch the headphones for good. But despite the relentless whirl of the rumor mill, it's safe to say that ODESZA – who haven't released an album since 2017's A Moment Apart – are officially back.

After the duo launched a cryptic campaign called "Welcome to The Last Goodbye," they coded a secret URL on their special microsite. Fans quickly spotted and decoded it, triggering an audio clip that included footage of ODESZA's Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight in their youth.

That brings us to today, as ODESZA's latest Gambit poured gas on the rumors of new music on the horizon. This time, they decided to use Instagram's "Close Friends" feature – a feature that lets you post content privately to a subsection of predetermined followers – to share a new audiovisual clip. The video, which adds a visual element to the decrypted "TLG" recording, was shared with both worldmusic.blog and an unspecified number of ODESZA fans.

Watch the video from ODESZA below.


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